Photo Marketing Investment

Most Commercial/Business photo shoots are priced on an individual basis.

Rates are determined by:

  • Type of Photo shoot

  • Complexity

  • Time involved

  • Level of post production required

Executive Portrait (Head shots)

Image is everything in todays competitive marketplace. Your potential clients will form opinions and make decisions based on first impression. A professional portrait will make the statement that your image is important to you, as are all the details in your successful business dealings.

On-location head & shoulder portraits are $125 for 1 pose on one predetermined backdrop. You will have a selection of poses of which to choose from. Additional backdrops or poses are available for an additional charge. All portraits include color/density correction and complete retouching. You will look your best!

Full resolution files, with copyright release, in both color and B&W will be delivered via digital download. There is a minimum charge starting at $300 depending upon your location. (Central Virginia $300 Maryland-Washington DC $600) Volume pricing is available for 4 or more subjects. Large company profile portraits can be as low as $60 per employee depending upon volume.

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental portraiture is best described as a portrait of a subject in their natural environment showing their professional skills. By photographing a person in their natural surroundings, I can better illuminate their character, and therefore portray the essence of their personality and unique skills. Most people are more at ease in an environmental portrait as opposed to a studio, which can be rather intimidating and artificial experience.

Environmental portraiture will in most cases require a site survey prior to photography in order to determine your desired goals. Clear expectations of the client and photographer are the keys to your complete satisfaction. Environmental portraiture has a minimum investment of $600

Architectural & Product Photography


Commercial photography for Architects-Interior Designers is depended upon location, number of views and licensing arrangements. Please call 804-276-2679 for a full explanation of cost/benefits. Full and half day rates are available.