Top 5 Photo-Memory Keeper Tips

Will your photo memories be here tomorrow?

Just a few years ago you would drop your film off at the drugstore and hope for the best. When you returned to pick up your pictures, some became instant family favorites and some were less than perfect. Maybe they were out-of-focus, peoples eyes were closed or maybe they had the dreaded red-eye! 

With todays digital cameras and the ability to preview pictures with the built in screen, everyones photo skills have grown by leaps and bounds. But will you have these photo memories in years to come? In the days of film you had prints made, the good ones and the blurry ones. 

In this digital age are you still having prints made? 

I bet your family pictures are still on your phone or computer. When your computers hard drive fails (and it will), or your phone dies, where will your family pictures be?

The most secure way to hold on to these family pictures is to have prints made, just like we did in the "old days". Computer hard drives fail. CD's and DVD's fail.

  • Soon after your event download your camera card or phone on to your computer. Now is the time to categorize too!
  • Burn a CD or DVD back up. Resist the urge to buy cheap CD's or DVD's. Label your disc. If you have access to Cloud storage, take advantage of this option. 
  • Edit your photos and have true photographic prints made. Not inkjet. Some inkjet printers are very archival, some are not. It's going to be very difficult for the consumer to know the difference. 
  • Store your photos in an acid free photo album. Again, resist the urge to buy the cheap stuff. 
  • Store prints and CD/DVD's in a cool, dry dark place.

Paint the Park Pink

Photographed for University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center this past Saturday night. It was "Paint the Park Pink" night, which raises funds and awareness for breast cancer research. The "pink" ladies were recognized and released pink balloons in honor of someone or for their individual triumphs over this disease. More information can be found at  


Clam Shell Lighting-something different

I usually gravitate to a high contrast type of lighting. But, I'm looking to experiment a little bit AND bring back some old school techniques. I tried a couple test shots with my daughter Brooke at the studio today. Clam shell lighting is a lighting style where the main light is right above the subject and another light right below the subject. It creates some pretty interesting "catch-lights" in the eyes. (if you take a close look at any portrait, you can see exactly where the lights are by looking at the reflection in the eyes. These are called catch-lights). Brooke's going to kill me for putting these on the web! No make-up-No fussing with hair-do's. Oh wait!? She doesn't care about those things. And that's one of the many reasons I love her... 

clam shell BW.jpg

Take a hike!

I hope you enjoyed Independence Day! If you're looking for an enjoyable budget friendly excursion, consider visiting one of our National Parks. Enjoy breathtaking views, wildlife and get in some exercise! I posted this photo about a week ago on my Facebook fan page. You can't help but "chill" when viewing a waterfall!

Waterfall in the Shenandoah National Forest.

Waterfall in the Shenandoah National Forest.

This is how we do it...

An assignment for Civista hospital required cooperation from the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, Civista Hospital (notably Tina, Amy and Joyce) and over 30 ladies dressed in pink. It was a very hot day, and we had to move fast before we melted. I started by laying out a rope in the left field of the Blue crabs stadium in the shape of a ribbon. While I was being lifted up in the air, the Civista crew helped line the ladies up over the rope. Remove the rope and voila'! We have a pink ribbon made up of pink ladies. The Pink Ladies are all survivors of one type of cancer or another. I have worked with these ladies on a number of projects and they are always troopers!  

Civista how we do it.jpg

Did I photograph your 2013 High School Senior?

Graduation sure got here fast! And before you know it your graduate will be heading to college. NOW is the time to have that family portrait photographed. And, we have incentives to make that happen. For 2013 high school seniors who were photographed by Irving Harris Photography, we offer FREE sessions for family portraits. Plus 10% of your previous Senior Portrait session is deducted from your Family Portrait package. 

Offer expires August 31, 2013. Why wait? Call today! 301-392-3900


Well over one hundred of the worst golfers I have ever had the pleasure to photograph gathered at Potomac Ridge to abuse golf carts and perhaps a few livers! This Golf Event raised funds for the Matthew Adams Heart foundation, Inc. a worthy cause indeed. 

Matt Adams passed away from a heart condition at 41 years of age, leaving behind a wife and three children. The foundation mission statement is;


Our mission is to build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease, strokes and other heart related illness by providing education for prevention and support to those living with these illnesses.

Southern Marylanders are known for supporting each other and their community. And if you throw a little golf in there, then why not!

However, I will say it was hard to tell if they were playing golf or "Wack-A-Mole" !!