Want better SNOW pictures?

All that snow can confuse your cameras exposure meter.  Do your snow pictures seem gray or lifeless?

Here's why. Camera meters are designed to average all the highlights and shadows to reproduce a medium gray. (18% gray to be exact) This method has been around since since camera meters (light meters) were invented. And it works quite well for most scenes.

But, what if your subject (in this instance snow) is not medium gray? You're going to need to make some adjustments. Most camera, specifically DSLR's and some higher end point and shoots, have an exposure compensation setting. Usually identified by a button that looks like this >>>    +/-

2snow038 copy.jpg

For snow pictures you're going to need to increase the exposure. How much?  Probably +.7  Hard to say for sure. Today's cameras are mini-computers with a lens. The manufacturers have algorithms built in to the software to help overcome extreme lighting conditions. Depending on how your camera interprets the scene you may need more correction. Shoot your snow scene with no correction. Then try +.7 and then try +1.0 then try +1.3 then try +1.7.  Download your camera card and take a look. Which looks best to you? Store this information in your noggin' and then you can shoot with confidence!

Oh… be SURE to set your exposure compensation back to normal!